Welcome Aboard the Disney Railroad

By Steve DeGaetano   Welcome Aboard the Disneyland Railroad

If you ever wanted to learn about the Disneyland Railroad, this book is for you! The book documents, in elaborate detail, the history and operation of Disneyland’s steam trains. This book is designed to appeal to Disney fans as well as rail buffs who will be enthralled by the quantity and quality of the information presented. Hardcover, 320 pages, 100 color photos.

  • Information on exactly how the locomotives are operated, including custom-made drawings with call-outs of a locomotive cab interior
  • In-depth histories of the locomotives including their “vital statistics,” rolling stock both old and new, stations and servicing structures
  • Over 100 never-before-published color photographs and over 20 custom-made CAD drawings of the locomotives, cars and stations
  • Notes on modeling the Disneyland Railroad
  • Discussions of the wide variety of collectibles available for the Disneyland Railroad
  • A written and photographic tour of the Disney roundhouse, with descriptions of the day-to-day activities of those who keep the trains running
  • What it’s like to ride in the cab, with thorough discussions of the locomotive controls, firing techniques and operating procedures.

ISBN-10: 0975858408
ISBN-13: 978-0975858400

Price: $39.95


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