Under the Sidewalks of New York

By Brian J. Cudahy   Under the Sidewalks of New York

Since the first subway opened in 1904, the New York Subway system and its trains have provided millions of New Yorkers with cheap, fast, and remarkably reliable transportation. The New York subway system lacks the electronic complexity of such modern operations as the Washington, D.C. Metro or San Francisco's BART, and New Yorkers have few qualms in admitting that theirs is not the world's most beautiful subway. But as it is in no other city on earth, the subway of New York is intimately woven into the fabric and identity of the city itself. Transportation expert Brian Cudahy recounts the history of the New York subway systems in a book that is full of detail, historical anecdote, and the wonders of twentieth - century technology. Tracing the system from it first short IRT look to the extensive network of today, with information about such fascinating sidelights as the city's traim systems and the PATH trains linking New York and New Jersey, he has produced a complete, thoroughly researched and annotated, and fully illustrated history that will delight subway buffs, students of urban affairs, and all those who love the city of New York.

This is a unique, authoritative and popularly-written history of the building, financing and operation of the New York City subway system from the late 19th century to the present. The 194-page. 8 x 10" softbound book also includes fascinating sidelights such as the city's tram systems and the PATH trains linking New York and New Jersey.

ISBN: 978-0-8232-1618-5

Price: $28.00


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