Railroad Stations
The Buildings that Linked the Nation

By David Naylor  


Railroad Stations from Heimburger House Publishing

Almost overnight railway lines sprawled across the United States, quickly assuming a key role in America’s rapid growth and development. Linking these lines that crisscrossed the map were the stations themselves, the very centerpieces—physical and metaphorical—of civic and cultural life in America.

Organized by region, this hardbound book presents rugged Western depots, ghost-town stations in the Plains, an art deco masterpiece in Ohio, and grand urban landmarks. Also showcased are related features such as waiting rooms and concourses, some with lavish displays of artwork; elegant details including cornices, cupolas, campaniles, and clock towers; adjacent train sheds and hotels; carriage shops and roadhouses; baggage carts; and more.

In over 600 striking black & white archival plans, drawings, maps, and images, the stories of railroad stations big and small are presented in this chronicle of one of our nation’s most iconic building types. Hardcover, 8½ x 11”, 336 pages, 736 black and white images.

ISBN: 978-0-393-73164-4

Price: $75.00

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