Pennsylvania Railroad in Indiana

By William J. Watt  


The Pennsylvania Railroad in Ind.

The Pennsylvania Railroad's "keystone" once ranked among America's most widely recognized corporate logos. Pennsy set the pace in freight tonnage, ridership, excellence of service, and was the world's largest industrial employer. This 8 1/2 x 11", 208-page, hardcover captures the history of the Pennsy and its Indiana predecessor lines. More than 160 wonderful photos, advertising and promotional materials, and detailed maps resurrect its speedy passenger trains and heavy-tonnage freights, and show how it earned its slogan "The Standard Railroad of the World."

Few corporate institutions had such widespread impact upon Indiana's people or their way of life -- the "Pennsy" once operated one-fourth of the state's rail mileage. Highlights of its story include coverage of its famous passenger trains, its impact upon the state's economy, the railroad's contributions to Allied victory in World War II, and the post-war decline which led to its merger into Penn Central. Illustrations recreate images of its speedy passenger trains and heavy-tonnage freights, as well as advertising and other promotional materials dating back to the 1840s.

ISBN: 978-0-253-33708-5

Price: $59.95

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