From Plantation to Theme Park
The Story of Disneyland Railroad Engine No. 5, The Ward Kimball
By Steve DeGaetano  


From Plantation to Theme Park

In June, 2005, Disneyland guests were treated to something not seen at the park for more than 40 years—a new steam locomotive, resplendent in red enamel and polished brass. It began operating on the park’s main line to the delight of Disneyland Railroad fans everywhere.

The new locomotive, christened Ward Kimball after the famous Disney animator and railfan, may have been new to Disneyland, but its history spans more than a century. In his book Steve takes us along on a touching ride through time as he recounts the history of the little 1902 Baldwin first known as the Maud L. That tiny plantation teakettle eventually became Disneyland Railroad No. 5, the first new Disneyland Railroad engine added to the fleet since 1959. Hardcover, 8 1/2 x 11", 112 pages, 100 color photos.

  • A brief look at the engine’s namesake—Ward Kimball—and his influence upon Walt Disney and Disneyland
  • A look at Disneyland’s first four engines
  • Blueprint-accurate drawings by Preston Nirattisai of the engine as it looks today, including side, front and rear views
  • An in-depth look at how the locomotive was restored by Disney and its contractors, including dozens of detailed photographs of the rebuild process.

ISBN: 978-0-9758584-1-7

Price: $35.95

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