Fairs and Railroads
By Thornton Waite   Fairs and Railroads

World’s Fairs And Expositions have been held in the United States many times in the past 140 years. The fairs served several purposes. They were used by the cities in which they were held to promote the local economy, by national industries to show off their technical prowess, and by the public from all over the nation to have a good time and to learn about their nation and the world. The railroads were once an important and essential part of these fairs, transporting the majority of the visitors to and from them, and using the fairs as a public relation opportunity to show the visitors that the railroads were using the latest technology and that they were a benefit to the country. The first fairs in the United States focused on the modern technologies used by the railroads, but as time passed the railroads used the fairs to both promote travel on their lines and to show off their heritage and history. This book tells of the participation of the railroads at the larger world’s fairs and railroad expositions in the United States, describing how the railroads addressed the transportation of large numbers of people to the fairs and describing railroad exhibits at the fairgrounds. Hardbound, 8½ x 11”, 214 pages, and 175 color and b/w illustrations.

ISBN: 978-1-57510-152-1

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