Dining Car Panorama
By Robert J. Wayner  


Dining Car Panorama by Robert Wayner

A 8 1/2 x 11" survey of the dining cars, menus, and techniques of serving food on the railroads and how they evolved over the 20th century. Dozens of black and white photos include historic pictures of the cars and their interiors; drawings of dining car floor plans; dining car names, menus and dinnerware; even photos and descriptions of circus, hospital and dormitory cars. All with informative captions about every aspect of dining car service in 56 softbound pages with 44 black and white photos. Read about Pullman, Santa Fe, Baltimore & Ohio, Southern Pacific, Rock Island, New York Central, Burlington, Wabash, Train of Tomorrow, Illinois Central, Wartime Dining, Rio Grande San Juan, Troop kitchen cars, Milwaukee Road, Great Northern, New Haven, Frisco, Pennsylvania, Auto-Train and more.

If you enjoy reading about railroad dining cars and seeing photographs of them, the foods they served, looking at dining car menus and getting the scoop on dining car service and the different speciality foods served on board different trains, then this book is for you.

Price: $24.95

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