Chicago & North Western
Passenger Trains of the 400 Fleet
By John Kelly  
C&NW: Passenger Trains of the 400 Fleetfleet

The Chicago & North Western was well-known for its Chicago-Twin Cities 400 passenger train. Encouraged by the success of the Twin Cities 400, the North Western established an entire fleet of regional streamliners that brought people from Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Wisconsin's North Woods, Upper Michigan, and southern Minnesota into the big city of Chicago for a day of shopping for business.

The Yellow-and-green "400 Fleet" had a loyal following of passengers not served by rivals Burlington Route or Milwaukee Road. "Ride the 400 – Speed, Luxury and Safety," "400 Miles in 400 Minutes" and "The Train that Set the Pace for the World" were successful advertising slogans for business and vacation travelers.

Coverage includes the Twin Cites 400, Minnesota 400, Peninsula 400, Flambeau 400, Kate Shelley 400, and commuter streamliners. This book has 128 pages and is 10 1/4 x 8 1/3".

ISBN: 978-1-58388-159-0

Price: $29.95

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