Chessie System
By David Ori   Chessie System

In 1972 three great railroads, the Chesapeake & Ohio, the Baltimore & Ohio, and the Western Maryland joined forces as the Chessie System. Their diesel engines were resplendent in a brilliant new yellow, blue and vermillion scheme sporting the stylized Chess-C logo based on the C&Os familiar mascot, Chessie the kitten. Ori traces the railroad's origins from the first affiliation of the B&O and C&O in the early 1960s to the inclusion of the WM a decade later, securing routes that spanned the Northeast and Midwest. He also examines the Chessie System itself, from the details of its operating divisions, major facilities, diesel fleet, and intermodal operation to the technological advances that distinguished its reign and its integration in the vast CSX system in 1987. Hardbound, 160 pages, 138 color photos, 8 1/2 x 11".

ISBN: 978-0-7603-2339-7

Price: $34.95

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