Encylopedia of North American Railroads
By William D. Middleton, George M. Smerk and Roberta L. Diehl  


Encylopedia of North American Railroads

Lavishly illustrated and a joy to read, this authoritative reference work on North America's railroads covers the U.S., Canadian, Mexican, Central America's and Cuban systems. The encyclopedia’s over-arching theme is the evolution of the railroad industry and the historical impact of its progress on the North American continent. This thoroughly researched work examines the various aspects of the industry’s development: technology, operations, cultural impact, the evolution of public policy regarding the industry, and the structural functioning of modern railroads. More than 500 alphabetical entries cover a myriad of subjects, including numerous entries profiling the principal companies, suppliers, manufacturers and individuals who influenced the history of the rails. Extensive appendices provide data regarding weight, fuel capacities, statistical trends, and more, as well as a list of 130 vital railroad books. Railfans will treasure this indispensable work. Hardbound, 81/2 x 11", 1296 pages, 543 b/w photos, 59 maps.

ISBN: 978-0-253-34916-3

Price: $99.00

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