Gilbert American Flyer
S Gauge Operating and Repair Guide
1945-1965, Third Edition
By Thomas B. Barker  


Gilbert American Flyer  S Gauge Operating and Repair Guide 1945-1969

Tom Barker's best selling guide to the repair and restoration of Gilbert American Flyer S Gauge trains is available in print once more. Now in its 40th anniversary, the Third Edition is packed full of new information including a new chapter on cosmetic restoration and an expanded chapter on accessories. Tom includes a handy checklist that gives step-by-step procedures for servicing a steam or diesel engine when it comes into your roundhouse. The book's footprint has been made smaller so more precious space on a workbench is available. At the same time, the type has been made larger and all the Gilbert hook-up instructions have been reset for easier reading. The famous trouble-shooting flow diagram has been redrawn and 85 new photographs have been added for a total of 120 close-up, detailed visual insights into how these prized model trains are assembled and serviced. If you are new to American Flyer S gauge operating and collecting, this is a must-have guide to your hobby. If you have a previous copy of Tom's book, you will certainly want to get this new version! Softcover, 10 x 8", 130 pages, 202 black and white photos and diagrams.

ISBN: 978-1-4664-2071-7

Price: $19.95

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