The Last Train
By Gordon Titcomb  


The Last Train

The golden age of the railroad may have passed, but its legacy still fascinates us. The text of The Last Train, in rhymed couplets, is based on a song by the author. In it a young boy, contemplating the old, boarded-up train station, looks back to the days when the “big iron horses” still rolled into town. His grandfather drove the trains; his dad sold the tickets. The boy recalls the famous trains of long ago, whistling through the night. What is left are the souvenirs: posters, the ticket punch, a union card, his grandfather’s watch—reward for his 20 years of service. The boy remembers those who worked on board: brakeman, porters, and a fireman shoveling coal. As jets fly overhead, only the echo of the whistle remains. Accompanying the text here is an album of historical scenes associated with the years of railroads, almost photographic illustrations of the trains and the men who made them go. Wendell Minor’s paintings are realistic images that stir emotions as they evoke the years when trains gave us romantic dreams of travel as they dominated the landscapes. Hardcover, 32 color pages, 10 x 10". Ages 4-8.

ISBN: 978-1-59643-164-5

Price: $18.99

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