I Saw an Ant on the Railroad Tracks
By Joshua Prince  


I Saw an Ant

What an entertaining trip this is! Children will delight in the playful and musical language, endearing and uniquely styled illustrations, and wonderfully warm story that make this picture book so special. When switchman Jack, eating lunch by his shack, spies an ant walking along the railroad track, he immediately gets worried: it’s an eastbound ant on the westbound track, and that means a train could run SMACK into the little guy. He knows he has to do something to help. Youngsters will feel gratified and reassured by Jack’s affection for the tiny creature: after all, they—just like the ant—are very small in a big world. And they’ll really love the way the adorable little bug has the smarts to save itself! 10 x 10”, 24 pages, hardbound. Ages 2 to 5 years old.

ISBN: 9781402721830

Price: $14.95

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